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Rewards Program

Problem: Previous consumer rewards program generating mass mailings from mothers redeeming jar & cereal proofs of purchase – the volume inundates Beech-Nut Headquarters mailroom and staff – resulting in longer than promised turnaround times, and the need for employees to verify qualifying purchases, manually enter data and manually fulfill redemptions.  Resulting in very low consumer interest and extremely high costs for fulfillment, printing and postage. The program is doomed.

Solution: RTO Group takes over entire operation and immediately cuts verification fulfillment process throughput from 8-10 weeks to 7-10 days., Printing costs are reduced by 40 and postage by 50%: while increasing monthly redemptions by over 600% with innovative fulfillment, production and mailing methods. A direct mail piece combining multiple program initiatives coupled with a streamlined fulfillment process results in over 110,000 submissions in a 15 month period. Extensive real-time tracking and reporting gives the marketing staff the required edge to help promote the brand’s success.

Day Care Center Program

Problem:  How do we effectively and efficiently produce a complete kit and delver to 5,000 day care managers in a timely fashion and within a set budget constraint?

Solution: RTO partners with promotional agency to develop, produce and deploy an elaborate kit that results in record breaking exposure.  Employing over 20 vendors in the United States, Mexico and China RTO Group was able to procure all the elements of the program – nothing was required of the client.  Program involved production for the following elements and steps:

Outer Carton – Litho Sheet for outside of box printed sheetfed, Mounting of litho sheet to E-Flute corrugate, flexographic die cutting, folding and glueing – 3 vendors

Oversized Poster – printed on 77″ press, folded, fin seal over wrapped – 3 vendors

Introductory Letter – Variable Digital Imaging and 4/c process printing for custom letter – 2 vendors

Post-It Pads – printed 4/c process and fin seal over wrapped in sets

Pens – screen printed and fin seal over wrapped in sets

Coupons with perforations

DVD sleeve and disk replication – 2 vendors

Fulfillment Services to pack all elements into kit – 2 vendors

Strict Color Control for all elements of the kit  to ensure branding color consistency across all printing processes and substrates.

Shipping Logistics to coordinate all parcels to destination. Smart mailing list management resulted in only 4 returns out of 5,000 pieces shipped!!

Solid Advice Brochure

eNewsletter Fulfillment

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